Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Musings

I am a list-maker, as is my dear friend, Jenny.so on this Tuesday night, I'm going to borrow her typical Tuesday post (Ten on Tuesday) & share some musings of my own.... in list format, of course. I may not get to ten, we'll see.
  1. I'm starting to wonder when fall will arrive in North Carolina. Today it was 90 degrees and muggy. Really, NC? Matt & I are pretending it's fall. We had a cool evening on Friday so we shut down the A/C and opened up the windows. It felt wonderful to get some fresh air in our cooped up house, but the cooler temps didn't hang around. For some reason, we're still living windows down in protest of the heat....
  2. Our friends Jenny & Luke just welcomed a new addition to their little fam yesterday. Rory Kate joins big sister, Leah Madison. I wish Jen & Luke didn't live so darn far away (Seattle!) so that we could love on their little ones. Congratulations, friends! We miss you!
  3. I made enough of this turkey meatloaf (or is it turkeyloaf?) on Sunday to feed our entire neighborhood. Matt & I have hearty appetites, & last time I made meatloaf, Matt complained that we had to refrain from eating the whole loaf so that we had leftovers, so I decided to double this (new) recipe. Word to the wise: don't double it. It was delicious & that's saying something after eating 3 nights straight. I don't think that any meatloaf looks particularly appetizing, so I passed on taking a picture. Just trust me. Take a look at a few of the ingredients: turkey, carrots, onions, celery, apples, bacon. If you threw in some corn I think it'd cover my favorite foods of all time! Yum.
  4. While we're on food, I'm really excited about tomorrow night's dinner. After our small group tonight, I went home did all of the prep & in the a.m. I'll throw it the crockpot. Turkey breast (I know, we're on a turkey kick this week), wild rice, apples, craisins, almonds, onions, yummmmmmm....I'll probably throw in some cinnamon & nutmeg for good measure. Sounds & smells like fall. Can't wait to come home after work to our yummy smelling kitchen!
  5. I was also supposed to do laundry when I got home tonight, but at 10:30, I made the executive decision that throwing in a load that late in the evening would mean I'd be up way past my bedtime! Instead, I finished watching Parenthood & started on this blog post. Although I wouldn't call Parenthood a "family show" (nor would I really categorize any show that comes on at 10pm family-show-material), I am a sucker for shows about families. This one is an all-time fave. So glad it's back on the air.
  6. I'm sorry I haven't done a Life for Less post in ages. In my defense, we have had a uber-crazy summer & those posts take more than just my mindless 10pm 11pm ramblings. This is what the last 9 weeks have looked like for us....
.....Our fall isn't really going to slow down  from here so I'll do my best to keep up the blog!
7. When I grow up, I want to have lots of waterbabies. That's right folks, little fish. This weekend Nicole & I took Liam swimming in our freezing pool & the kid had an absolute blast. He splashed & kicked like his life depended on it, all the time giggling & laughing despite the chilly temps. Hannah loves the water, too. While we were in Vero over Labor Day, we went to the beach as a whole family & went swimming at Mom & Dad's pool. That little girl loved it. So did I.
Bathing beauty.
....Thanks for following my random thoughts this evening.... & thanks for the inspiration, J!

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