Monday, April 19, 2010

oh hi spring.

This little taste of spring (captured on our new camera!) makes 
me want to forget about my annoying allergies & go sit outside.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blurb. My Creative Outlet.

I am in love I've used Blurb's free software, Booksmart, to make photo books of several of our adventures: our wedding day, honeymoon in Costa Rica, a crazy camping roadtrip we took out west, our memories from our years in Chicago, and I have another book that's currently in-progress. In these digital days, I miss seeing prints of my photos (plus I'm too impatient to scrapbook), and a Blurb book is the perfect alternative. I will gladly vouch for their claim that their books are "bookstore quality" -- I have not been disappointed yet!

Blurb's Booksmart is user-friendly. It lets you design your own layouts and determine your page count. Blurb has pretty quick turnaround. Their books are reasonably priced (especially when you price out the cost to print all of your photos!). They run periodic specials, so I usually order when I can get a discount or free shipping. Lastly, they have GREAT customer service. I had one issue (color bleed) with a page in a book I ordered recently, and Blurb promptly reprinted and sent me another copy of the book for free! I'm a believer.

Here's a sample of a few of my creations (you can preview the first few pages of each book). Give Blurb a try today!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Preview: lizfay comes for a visit!

On this Easter afternoon, I wanted to share a few snapshots (with our brand-spanking new camera!) of our super fantastic visit with our dear friend, Liz. Liz decided to spend her Spring Break with us in warm / springy North Carolina, and we had a grand time doing lots of touristy things while she was here. Here's a taste of the past few days:
I'll write & post more photos later, but right now I need a nap. I'm going to catch some zzzs on our patio & attempt to lose the horrible farmer's tan I managed to get from all of our outdoor adventures. Sweet dreams...

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