Thursday, September 16, 2010

Photo(shoot) of the Week

While in Florida, I did a mini photo shoot in my parents front yard with Katie, Matt & Hannah. It was getting late & hence darker outside, so some of the photos are a bit grainier than I would have liked. That's what you get for refusing to use a flash (I'm stubborn!). I'm going to have to do a Take 2 with them at Thanksgiving. Hopefully, I'll be commissioned for the Christmas card photo! You've already seen my favorite shot of Hannah last week. Here's my favorite "posed' family photo:
What a happy little family!
And here are some other faves:
Hannah loves to blow kisses (bottom left) & she loves her Uncle Matt (top right).
It wouldn't be a photo shoot without some outtakes. By the time I got around to asking someone to snap a photo with me & Hannah, she was finished. I swear she loves her Aunt Suz, but after 100 photos she did not have patience to snap one with the photographer. I really love the "Senior Pose" she whipped out for us in the top middle. Classic.
Tell me how you really feel, Hannah Banana.
{Click any of the photos to enlarge}

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