Sunday, July 18, 2010


We love old friends.

Our dear friend Jenny, & her awesome hubby, Mike, came to Chapel Hill this weekend on their whirlwind tour of the East Coast. We were psyched to be a stop along the way & to squeeze some much-needed-Slagortime into our summer.

Jenny was a Young Life leader with us during our college days at University of Illinois, my senior year roommate, a bridesmaid in our wedding (I also got to stand with her on her big day) & most importantly, one of my best friends. She couldn't have picked a better guy to marry... Matt & I are crazy about Mike. They are both special ed teachers & truly know how to love well. I think Jenny says it best on her blog:
"I am a special education teacher married to another special education teacher living in central Illinois. We love to cook, eat, relax, and be voices for people who don't have one."
The Slagors are awesome people & wonderful friends so it's entirely understandable that I was stoked to have them under our roof for a couple of days. Here's how we spent our weekend with Jenny & Mike...

On Friday night, we headed down to the American Tobacco District for a Durham Bulls game. Our evening at the ballpark started with a sudden downpour, which thankfully cleared up, but the lightening & oppressive humidity stuck around. The excitement continued with a flying bat right into our section (rain = slippery batter's hands), a foul ball & an unresponsive man leading to an emergency medical situation. Because the rest of the evening wasn't thrilling enough, we squeezed in some pyrotechnics by wrapping up the evening with an impressive fireworks display. Despite all of that, Jenny & Mike were great sports & we had an awesome evening!
On Saturday morning, Matt took us for a walking tour of UNC. (He's done this a few times since we moved here, & he's getting pretty good at it). We hit the campus highlights until we were forced inside due to more rain. We spent the rest of the rainy afternoon/evening inside; we had a yummy lunch at the Carolina Brewery, caught a matinee showing of Date Night at The Varsity Theatre on Franklin Street, went to Sat. PM church at Summit, & then out for an amazing dinner at Acme in Carrboro (my dinner = bbq pulled pork over mac-n-cheese with local tomatoes, a.k.a. heaven on a plate).
This morning ...err... afternoon (we slept in really late!), after a delicious breakfast brunch courtesy of the Slagors, we braved the Carolina heat & headed back to Durham to visit Duke. We walked around campus, stopped by the Duke Chapel (didn't make it inside because there was a service going on), moseyed on over to the Duke Gardens & even managed to sneak into Cameron Indoor Stadium! Matt was particularly proud that we were able to get onto the floor, but it was no incredible feat -- the doors were open! We snapped a few really blurry pictures on the floor of Cameron -- it was pitch black inside! Also, Cameron is a lot smaller than it appears on TV. I felt like I was in my high school gym!
Jenny & Mike hit the road after dinner & let me tell you, we miss these guys already! We were so thankful to have them spend a couple of days with us, especially since I've been feeling a tad bit homesick recently. What a blessing these 2 are!
(In case you're curious about this next photo, Mr. Slagor was demonstrating that "M" is for McAndrew ...err...Mike!)
Safe travels, friends! Can't wait to see you again soon! (...& thank you, Gorillapod, for making this shot possible. Looks like Jenny & I didn't get the plaid shorts memo. We're married to such stylish men ;)).


  1. Hey Susan! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog - I have 100% total faith in the fact that YOU can make a place-mat pillow :). I love your blog set-up! It's so pretty and refreshing...just like you! :-D!!!

  2. Awww, thanks for the encouragement, Kari! By the way, I went to Target on Friday in search of a placemat to make my own pillow (well the one you used, since I loved it so much)... but they were all sold out! You must have quite a following in Chapel Hill... everyone ran out to Tarjay after reading your post! I'll try again :)


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