Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photo of the Week: Duet

Hannah will be one on Sunday. My goodness. Our little pumpkin is growing up. Because - after my hubs - she is the second love of my life, you will have to bear through more chunky, happy baby photos until I get all of my faves up. These photos of my Grandma Shirlee (now "G.G." to her great granddaughter) & Hannah are no exception.
Grandma is a wonderful musician & an amazing pianist. She's one of those folks who can hear a tune & play it by ear. Hannah loves G.G. & likes to bang on things, so Grandma decided to give her a little piano lesson. The result... a happy baby & some sweet photos of 2 of my favorite ladies.

1 comment:

  1. Just love it. Suz you are giving me baby fever over here! Happy 1st birthday to miss Hannah Banana!!


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