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I have a secret addiction: blog stalking. It's true. I love to read people's blogs, look at their photos, check in on their lives. It's fun & it's part of what motivated me to start Simply Suz. Today, I figured I'd share some link love & send y'all to a few of my favorite blogs.

Disclaimer: This looks like alot. Like all I do is sit & read blogs all day, but most of these folks - with the exception of the professional bloggers - are lazy like me & don't post regularly (Rich - are you listening? You have posted since MAY! You're killing me, Smalls!) I have them all in my Google Reader so that I can go to one page, browse all of my blogs & check to see if anyone has updated. I don't click on 25 links every day!

Blogs by strangers people I wish I knew:
The Pioneer Woman: Blogger Extraordinaire. If you haven't heard of "P-Dub" you probably aren't a regular blog reader.
Marriage Confessions: Katie cracks me up. As a young married lady, it's healthy to know other couples are going through the same issues that we are! (Okay, she has a kid & another on the way, but I can still relate to the marriage stuff!)
Quiet Life: You may recognize Miz Boo from PW's Photography section. She's a lovely woman, a Midwesterner, & - perhaps most notably - a darn good photographer. I visit her site to look at pretty pictures.
Young House Love: I love this blog because they show how they've made a humble starter house a truly beautiful home.... on the cheap! Looking for design inspiration? Stop here.
Under the Sycamore Tree: I mostly stalk this blog to look at Ashley's beautiful photographs & to be inspired to do fun DIY projects. True confession: I don't think I've actually ever DONE one of her projects. But it doesn't stop me from visiting!
Apartment Therapy: Always interesting...this site is full of design fun for apartment dwellers like us!

Blogs by people I know & love (in no particular order):
Snacks & The City: Blog home for my BFF Jenny. She's a fabulous baker, teacher,  music lover, wife & friend.
Leah + Rory: Our friends Jen & Luke have 2 cute girls. Here's where I keep up with their shenanigans.
Any Road, Any Cost: I keep tabs on my YL girlie, Jessie, who works with orphans in Sierra Leone. Seriously, I'm so proud of & amazed by this girl.
with grace my feet: Jenna G. is one of the most upbeat people I know. We've did summer staff together 5+ years ago at YL's Castaway Club. She's always encouraging plus we share a love of photography!
Adventures of One Crazy Lady: A blog by another summer staff friend, Kari, who is super crafty. She moved to Chicago right about the time we left. Doh.
brunettes not fighter jets: Yet another summer staffer! Brittany! Love her!
life in the south: Last summer staff friend that I stalk! Angie!  She works with youth at a church in Atlanta!
Leading Me Home: I did a different kind of summer staff with Lauren...Group Workcamps! We traveled the country together (along with my friends Drew & Jacob).
The Anderson's: Blog home of our Illini/Oak Park friends who bought their first home in the Western Burbs & are working their tails off to transform it from an "outdated house to a warm welcoming home."
The Bake Cakery: Amy's is one of my big sister's best friends. Not only is she an amazing baker, she's also a super smart girl (just got her PhD). And her blog is beautiful, thanks to her web designer hubs.
Clearly I don't have enough going on: Another smart lady  (PhD student at Duke) & friend from our church (The Summit), Emily always gives me something to ponder...
Kevlar's Blog: Lara is a friend from the Summit who had the audacity to leave Durham and move to Boone with her husband, Kevin. Thankfully, we can keep up with each other via our blogs!
Emily Catherine Dot Com: Emily & I became friends at summer camp decades ago (Lake Byrd Lodge! Holler!) & then her family moved to Vero, started attending our church & we got to be year-round friends.
A Trip for the Seoul: My U of I friend, Brittany, teaches English in Korea & documents her adventures & photos here.
Rich in Benin: Another Illini, Rich, works with the Peace Corps in a little African country called Benin.
Journey Through the Land: Mariel (a U of I friend) takes beautiful photos & I love her happy little slice of the internet.
being friends is being here: Bahahaaa...You can't visit this one. It's the litter corner of cyber world that I share with my college girlfriends Liz, Jenny & Courtney. Think of it as a online diary where we share our ups/downs/secrets collectively. We've had it for almost 2 years & it's a wonderful way to keep in touch. Set up a private blog with your best buds!
oh hi, friends. Same as above...except with my hometown bffs: Tara, Lyndsey & Liz. Both of these blogs are password protected, so don't even try to sneak into our secrets! :)

Food Blogs I refer to if I need a tasty recipe:
Tasty Kitchen
Pioneer Woman Cooks
Smitten Kitchen
The Kitchen Sink
Simply Recipes
Real Simple Recipes
All Recipes.Com
First Apartment First Kitchen

Other stranger-blogs I occasionally pop in on:
Bright Side Project
Hooked on Houses
This is Reverb
Post Secret
Bower Power
Shutter Sisters 
The Inspired Room

What are your favorite blogs? HINT..... :)
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