Saturday, September 11, 2010

Go Gators!

I love Saturdays in the fall. Lazy mornings. Windows open. College Gameday. Gator Football. (Illini, you will always be 1st in my heart, but you're just so darn painful to watch!) I met another little lady who loves the Gators:
Hannah & her friend, Gator.
A little distracted during College Gameday.
"I may be little, but I'm a BIG GATOR FAN!"
It's true, Hannah loves her Gators. But not as much purses, phones, or her yummy Puffs. It's okay, she'll come around.
"Hmmm.... who can open these for me? Pstt... Uncle Matt! Down here!"


  1. Cute cute cute. So glad you are closer so you can make surprise visits, but I am not saying I miss being able to see you more :)


  2. I often dream about impromptu visits to Champaign to visit you, friend. We'll be back - don't you worry! Love you!

  3. Susan - I LOVE your pictures from Alaska! We've often thought about doing the same thing but you've really inspired Kevin & I to go ahead and do it! (Love you're beautiful niece's smiling face too!) Well, anyway I just emailed about the fall camping trip & think that if you really want to see some good color, come up on the other weekend too. We can't wait to see everyone!

    And, so glad to be able to follow you two through the blog...we'll be following from now on!

  4. Lara - We loved Alaska...DO IT! And if you have questions when you plan your trip (not IF you do! but WHEN), feel free to give us a holler. :)

    We'll definitely probably head up to the mountains in early Oct, but if we can swing it on the 23rd, we may come again! But nevertheless, we've wanted to see Boone for awhile, so we'll come say 'hey' at some point!

    And I just added you to my Google Reader so I can keep up on the life of Kevlar! Yay!


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