Sunday, February 14, 2010

In honor of February 14th...

14 Things I love about Matt McA:
 (1) He makes me laugh. everyday.
(2) He's so darn handsome.

(3) He loves to dance. (He's a big goofball & he's not ashamed of it).
(4) He's pursuing his big dreams to be a dentist.
(5) He's not afraid of a kitchen: he packs my lunch every morning,
makes me coffee when I'm running late & is a grillmaster!
 (6) He's a closet tree-hugger, recycler extraordinaire, bike-riding to school/work kind of a guy.

(7) He promised me he'd buy me a puppy some day.
(8) He's adventurous & shares my love for the outdoors.
(9) He runs with me & even does yoga with me
(oops! that was supposed to be a secret!)

(10) He's going to be a great dad some day.
(11) He's a good friend.
(12) He has an amazing family (& he loves my family, too!)
(13) He's a man of character & of faith.
 (14) He loves me back.
Happy Valentine's Day, M3. I love you to pieces.


  1. I'm all teary. I LOVE HIM TOO!! Awww, friends. LOVEYOU!! Lizfay.

  2. Love it. You both are such wonderful people!


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