Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Hannah!

We had alot to celebrate on both sides of our family this weekend:
  • Matt had his first (of several) dental school interview! Yippee!
  • Mom & Dad Mac celebrated their 30th anniversary & renewed their vows!
  • Tommy & Caroline got engaged! So excited for our bro & soon to be sister-in-law...
  • ....& my favorite little lady turned ONE today! 
I'll post about 1, 2 & 3 later, but today I wanted to send a special shout out to Hannah Grace. I never imagined I could fall so deeply in love with such a little person, but she's done it. She has my heart! Hannah is truly a joy, which is no surprise given the amazing parents that she's been blessed with. It's been a blast watching her transform over the past year from a precious little infant to a bubbly, mobile little sweetiepie.
Even though I can't make it to her birthday party today (I'm stuck in NC, getting over a cold), I still have enjoyed looking at a few favorite (recent) photos of my favorite little lady. I hope you will, too!
Saddling up in the high chair at Grandmas...
Kisses for Uncle Matt
Flying around the house with Aunt Suz.
This, my friends, is talent. Hannah can "eat her feet" on command!
Tippity toes.
Feeding her daddy!
Have I mentioned Hannah loves her Uncle Matt?
She loves Aunt Suz, too!
Chilling with Grandpa.
My blue eyed lady.
More fun with Uncle Matt & her favorite dolly.
Quality time with Grandma.
Gator girl!
Crazy professor after her nap!
Happy 1st birthday, sweetiepie. 
We love you.
Aunt Suz & Uncle Matt

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  1. Suz- You and Matt are great set of aunt/uncle and will be incredible parents one day!



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