Friday, June 11, 2010

Exclusive Interview (Part 1)

Since this week is all about babies, I figured I'd introduce you to the subject of my obsession. I've arranged an exclusive interview with my favorite little lady... Without further adieu, here's  part one of our chat (part 2 can be found here):

Please introduce yourself. My name is Hannah Grace. My Aut Suz keeps up with this blog. Me & Aunt Suz are like peas & carrots...

Do you have any nicknames? Hannah Banana, Chunker....Just don't call me Hannah Montana. My momma doesn't take too well to that name.
And how old are you, little lady? I am 8 1/2 months old. I know I look big for my age... I already weigh 20 lbs!
My mommy credits me for her toned arms. Isn't she a hot little mama?
What adjective would you use to describe yourself? Just one?!?! But I'm so multi-faceted. I'm....
Talkative. I have the gift of gab. My favorite words are dadadada, mamamama, and aduuuuuu. I also like to pretend cough. It's a pretty popular party trick.
Chatty Baby from Susan McAndrew on Vimeo.

Happy. What is there not to be happy about? My days consist of eating, sleeping, pooping, playing, babbling & crawling... it's the life.
Active. I'm always a-moving. I can crawl, roll & even dance!
 Full Figured. Aunt Suz affectionately calls me "Chunker," which worries Mommy. She thinks I'm going to have some sort of a complex. I'm just a really healthy, well-fed baby! I love my rolls!
Tech-Savvy. I'm all over Aunt Suz's blog. I've skyped since I was just a peanut. Recently, I've taken an interest in the webcam. Here I am skyping with my daddy this week. Aunt Suz thinks I look like one of the e-trade babies. "Why don't you try reading the rules? Shankapotomus...."
Inquisitive.  I've only been around for a little while so chances are most of what I see is all new to me! I like to check things out....
(and last, but certainly not least)...Sweet & cuddly. I think the photos speak for themselves. Need I say more?
(We'll be back with Part 2 of our exclusive interview soon, but for now, this blog lady needs to go to bed. Goodnight!)


  1. Thank you for sharing! I can't how fast she is growing up... I have to see her again before she starts walking... or dating :)

  2. SO CUTE, SUZ. My favorite is the chubby almost-naked diaper shot. LOVE IT. I also love the video of her waving to dadadadadadadaaadaa. I love that babies wave to "themselves" because that's what they see everyone else do to them...and they don't get the whole waving "at" someone concept. cuuuuuute. jealous.:-)loveyou!

  3. aww... thanks ladies. she's a cutie! by the way, i really appreciate your comments. i know folks read the blog, but the comments really reinforce that i'm not just talking to myself! teehee! goodnight!!!

  4. Love the e-trade comparison!


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