Thursday, September 30, 2010

3 Videos

{buckle up. it may take some time to get through this one. but i promise it'll be worth your while.}

I have no idea who reads this blog. A couple of you comment, some mention off-hand in conversation that you read Simply Suz, but for the most part, I'm not sure who you are. Of course, I know that only friends & family stop by. How else would you have heard of my little slice of the Internet? But for the most part, you read in anonymity, & that's okay.

I started this blog as an opportunity to share a taste of our life in North Carolina with our family & friends who are very far away. It also has served as a therapeutic opportunity for me. Simply Suz allows me to "write it out." From my frustration with the lack of financial literacy among 20-somethings - enter Life for Less (I know, I've been slacking on these posts) - to the death of my beloved car. It also has served as a travelogue & a place to share my stab at amateur photography.

What I haven't used this blog for is to share my political or spiritual musings. That's been intentional because (1) Simply Suz was started from a lighthearted place in my life, & (2) I've learned that conflict & dissension can easily arise when we inject our political/religious beliefs in "inappropriate" venues. There was a time in my life that I was extremely political & was eager to "get into it" with classmates & friends. That feisty girl has simmered down a bit, & I'm okay with it. I still hold fast to my convictions, but I'm a lot less eager to engage in political debate. Spiritually, I've also simmered... & I'm pretty sure I'm not okay with that.

This blog is not my workplace. It is not a street corner. It is a place that you have willingly visited. In Young Life, we talk a lot about "earning the right to be heard." YL leaders build relationships & take an interest in students' lives, instead of telling students how they should think or believe before making a genuine effort to know them. As I mentioned earlier, I do not know who you are, but I hope I've earned the right to be heard by you. I hope that in the last 9 months as you've gotten to know me & all of the frivolous aspects of my life that you would care about the big stuff. If I haven't earned that right, I apologize if you find this offensive, but hope that you understand that it is my heart.

Tonight,  I listened to a powerful testimony by a woman that you may or may not agree with, & for the first time I thought "shame on you, Suz."  Just in the past month, this blog has had nearly 800 page views according to Google Analytics (I realize probably 200 were by me, but still...) & not once have I mentioned the name of Jesus. How absurd that I be silent on the issue of faith if I profess that He is the most important part of my life? (Yes, even before Matt).

So tonight, I want to share with you 3 videos that really reflect my heart. It's okay if you don't agree with them, I just hope that you listen. If you're interested in reading about what I ate for dinner or how I behave when Matt leaves home, how much more do I yearn & pray for you to know my heart.

My favorite line from the first video is near the beginning. Gianna says "I didn't survive so that I could make everyone comfortable." How true. My prayer for anyone visiting this blog tonight is that you feel that sort of passion about something in your life. That you're willing to be uncomfortable, even hated, because you are so totally invested in something bigger than yourself. For me, that "thing" is my faith. What is it for you?

I hope you're okay with our break in our regular scheduled, lighthearted programming here on Simply Suz & that you'll take the time to listen (all the way to the end, especially on the first 2 videos, I promise, they're worth it!). I think you'll hear the heart of a woman who has cheated death & has a passion & zeal for life, & the love of YL leaders who are constantly reaching out to lost kids. If you make it through those 2, there's a happy bonus at the end. Thanks for reading.

Love. Suz.

(P.S. The only way I'll know you've stopped by is by commenting... please feel free to continue visiting in anonymity, but if you have thoughts or reactions, I'd love to hear 'em in the comments).

Video 1: Gianna Jessen Testimony. Watch it. Powerful is an understatement. You might not agree with her politics, but I promise you her story/message goes beyond politics & addresses our hearts.

Video 2: The best video I've seen about Young Life, a ministry that is near & dear to my heart. Some of the best relationships were built during my 4 years leading YL in Champaign.

Girls, if you're reading this, I miss you. I miss pulling up to Central to take you to lunch at Sonic, hot chocolate mornings, Campaigners, coffee dates, Monday night Club, Castaway, volleyball games, swim meets, school musicals & even school dances (was it as weird for you as it was for me to have your YL leader chaperoning your dances?). Most of all, I miss your sweet selves & wish I was sitting in the Hobb's living room with you just sharing life. Your friendship has blessed me more than I could ever deserve & I love you dearly.

Video 3: Okay, already knew she had my heart, but if you've forgotten why, check this one out. Absolute cuteness. (You know I had to squeeze something lighthearted somewhere on this post).

Busy little lady! from Susan McAndrew on Vimeo.

1 comment:

  1. Suz,

    I love all three videos.
    1.) I've been seeing this one all over facebook and love it!
    2.) Love this too and I can't wait to share it with the new freshman we're training this semester. (We have about 12 newbies who are just awesome!)
    3.) Hannah is adorable. I love seeing her grow up!

    Miss you and Matt and hope all is well!



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