Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Musings: When the Cat's Away...

Most unflattering photo taken of us EVER. (True confession: I still like it)
I've been home alone a bit the past week & it's given me a window into "The Life of Single Suz." Don't get the wrong idea, I'm still a very-married-lady when Matt flies the coop, but my normal, comfortable schedule gets a little out of whack. Here's what I mean:
  • I have to make my own lunch & brew my own coffee. It's true, folks, I transitioned from Mom packing me a lunch to Matt & It. Is. Wonderful. When we first got married, I made the lunches, but when we I realized that it took me a whole lot longer to get ready in the morning, Matt took over. He now leaves for work earlier, but still (willingly) gets up before me to pack my lunch & start my coffee. He is a sweetheart, for sure, and I am so thankful for his little morning sacrifice.
  • In lieu of our usual meat-starch-veggie-dinner, I opt for hummus & crackers with a side of applesauce. and icecream. and a glass of wine. What can I say...the dishes are a breeze! (I am most certainly not a closet alcoholic, but quite possibly a closet icecreamaholic).
  • I may skip dinner all together & go to the mall to try on 20 pairs of jeans. I know better than to subject Matt to that kind of torture, so I save it for when he's away. Last week, I went to Gap & snagged these jeans with a Groupon from a couple of months ago. For my first pair of jeans purchased in the last 5 years (it's true), I am super pleased. Not only do they have a worn in feel & flattering fading (none of that washed out in the bum look), but they run big which is an instant confidence boost. Nothing like walking out the store with a pair of jeans a size smaller than your norm.
  • I stretch it out. I pop in the YogaX DVD instead of our usual P90x 'go-tos' that are heavy on the pushups & pullups. I still love those, but my less-then-flexible-husband is not a huge Yoga fan.
  • I sleep in the middle of the bed. On the little ridge on the mattress cover that we've formed after 3 years of sleeping side-by-side. It feels lonely on my side without him next to me. So the middle it is.
  • I keep bear spray next to the bed. Just in case. In college when I lived alone for a summer I kept a kitchen knife under my mattress. Knives = probably not a good idea. Now that we have bear spray lying around from one of our many camping adventures, it makes me feel like I can ward off the bad guys. Safety first.
Matt is home safe & sound tonight, but I've flown the coop & part of me wonders what his routine looks like when he's living solo. I have a feeling it involves a lot of icecream, ESPN & most certainly an unmade bed (a big pet peeve of mine)... Nevertheless, I can't wait until we're under the same roof again! Good night!

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