Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Addendum: Why I'm Proud to be an Illini

I totally forgot about this in my Tuesday Musings & it is certainly blogworthy.
I've seen a lot of Quads & U of I's is UP THERE. What a beautiful spot.
I get nostalgic when school starts in the fall & wish I was back at University of Illinois. I miss Quad Day, Monday night Young Life Club, studying in the Union, the Sweet Corn festival, Curtis Orchard, running through the south farms, & even Saturdays at Memorial Stadium (I know…shocking). This article reinforced what why I am so proud to be an Illinois alum & made my heart happy for Champaign.

Way to go Illinois … #3 on the WSJ’s list!
And the Big 10… 3 of the top 5 picks!
Here are the Top 25, if you're interested...

A favorite study spot of mine. Illini Union.
I think some of my high school classmates thought I was nuts for picking U of I over other some of my other college options (“You want to go where?! But that's not prestigious enough! If you’re going to go to a state school – why not UF?”), but it looks like my decision makes sense according to WSJ. 
  • I got a degree (well 2, technically) from a top accounting school.
  • I left school without any debt thanks to my generous parents & way more scholarship money than I was offered elsewhere (including more "prestigious" options).
  • I enjoyed all of the benefits a big school has to offer.
  • I had lots of job offers, apparently due to Illinois’ great relationships with recruiters (per the WSJ).
  • I got a good first job, which opened the door for me to get another great job.
  • I also made some pretty great friends, embraced the Champaign community & was loved back 1000 times over by some really good people, branched out beyond my comfort zone in Florida, &, of course, met my wonderful hubby.
    Oh, Assembly Hall, how I miss you.
    I never doubted my decision to become an Illini, & I haven’t regretted it since. Champaign holds a special place in my heart & I’m happy to see U of I getting the recognition it deserves!

    Happy memories at the Alma Mater.
    {Photos courtesy of U of I. You can make them your desktop background here.}

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