Monday, September 6, 2010

Photo of the Week: Surprise!

Matt & I snuck off to Vero Beach this Labor Day weekend & managed to surprise Katie & Hannah. Mom & Dad were in on the last-minute secret since we needed a place to stay. We also told Matt S. so that he could make sure his bride (& daughter) didn't make any weekend plans!

Hannah is going to be ONE at the end of the month & I have to say this has to be my favorite stage so far. Even though she's incredibly independent & mobile (almost walking!), she also still has a cuddly side. Her personality has certainly come out & she's both funny & oh-so-adorable.

Last night I did a mini-photo shoot with Katie, Matt & Hannah & this was my favorite shot. I'll post more this week from our fun weekend (including a trip to the beach & a dip in the pool with Miss Hannah Grace), but I just wanted to give you a preview!

She wouldn't quite give us a full on toothy-grin, but (thanks to Grandpa & Uncle Matt grabbing her attention as I snapped away), she did manage to look at the camera. Gone are the days of "one, two,!" It's okay, she's still pretty photogenic & has a whole new slew of party tricks to keep us entertained.

Check back later this week for more cutie-pie photos!

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