Sunday, July 25, 2010

friends are fun.

We went to Michigan this weekend for a wedding & crashed with my other college roomie / bridesmaid, Courtney (affectionately, Cbiz). (Jenny, who I also lived with, was just visiting us last weekend with her hubs, Mike).

I love Courtney. She knows how to have fun & she makes me giggle... Besides her silly side, she's also extremely sensitive, a great listener & a wonderful / intentional / caring friend. In short, she's a keeper.

Matt was a groomsman in the wedding this weekend, which meant he had lots of places to be & people to see...but I opted  to spend the non-wedding time with Court. We did exciting things like... trekked to Ikea(!), tried fun local beer at a pub in the Detroit 'burbs, went for a walk & just caught up. It was a much needed visit.

After the wedding on Saturday evening, Matt decided to document our shenanigans...We're not classy ladies, but we like to have fun (for some reason, we decided a push-up competition at midnight after a couple pbrs was a good idea. Did I mention Courtney knows how to bring out my silly side? Love her.)
More on our fabulous weekend celebrating the Gillogly nuptials later... After 11 hours in the car today, I need to sleep!

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