Thursday, July 22, 2010

Photo of the Week: Eeek!

Remember my blog-series Photo of the Week? No? That's okay -- I decided it would be a fun/simple/weekly post which would challenge me to improve my photography skills, & then I up & forgot all about it. Oopsies.

Well today, I'm resurrecting it. That's right, one photo for you today (instead of my typical 500 - sorry about that, I haven't really internalized 'less is more' when it comes to photos). Best part is -- I didn't even take this one! Our friend Carson snapped it while we were hiking at Pilot Mountain & I just love it.

For the record, Matt was not contemplating pushing me over the edge. He was just thinking ... what in the world has come over my wife? There is no way I'm joining her on the edge!

And because I can't just pick one.... these were the runners up (all snapped by me in the last month! no editing on any of these). Maybe they'll make the cut next week.

Left to right: a 4th of July treat, Liam, Mini-peppers at Reynolda Gardens, & Durham Bulls fireworks.

As always, click to enlarge any of these shots!

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