Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guess who I got to see???

(Psst...miss my last post? Here's a sneak peak of our new home. I'll share interiors in June once we move in!).

Between apartment appointments & getting to know our new hometown, I also had time while in the Sunshine State to visit with my favorite Floridians: Mom, Dad, Grandma, Katie & Hannah! After wrapping up our apartment search in G-ville, Mom & I met the rest of the fam (minus the Matts and Mark) halfway in Orlando.
Hannah naturally stole the show (as she should!) by demonstrating all of the new things she's learned to her Aunt Suz. She can now run (or "Go! Go! Go!"), walk backwards, dance (twirl AND dip), play the air violin & conduct the orchestra (taking after DaDa on that one), talk on the phone (though that's been a favorite pasttime of hers for awhile), play hide-and-seek (she gets seeking, still working on hiding) & laugh on command (seriously, that's the cutest). [Sorry for my overuse of parentheses....the details are just too fun to leave out!]

She's a darn good communicator, as well. Not only does she communicate via sign language (for words like please, thank you, food, more, etc), she also has a whole lotta words & names in her arsenal. We had such a good time playing, reading books & snuggling. She was very confused as to why I was there without Uncle Matt (or as she calls him "Du Du" short for "Dude"). We made a little video to show off her new tricks to him! Maybe the Hannah show will show up here on the blog sometime... It's pretty cute. Brace yourself for a lot more Hannah blogging come June.... she's only going to be 3 hours away! That makes me one happy aunt.
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