Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugSince our travel schedule wasn't nearly hectic enough the past couple of months, I squeezed in a last minute trip to Florida to look for housing last week. On Thursday morning, I flew to Orlando, got picked up by my sweet mom, & then looked at a ton of condos, townhomes & apartments in our soon-to-be new hometown of Gainesville. We saw our fair share of duds, but thankfully, we also spotted a few winners.

We've settled on this beauty for our new home. A few things that I love about this place: (1) We'll be only the second tenants in our unit (which happens to be the top floor in the photo below); (2) It's completely tiled (yay for no more nasty apartment carpet!); (3) It has a huge office in addition to 2 bedrooms; (4) It has a separate dining room that will fit our big table (almost every other place had a living/dining combo); (5) It's far away enough from campus that we won't be living in undergrad central, but also close enough for Matt to bike or take the bus to the dental school; (6) It occupies the entire top floor, which means we get screened in porches on both ends of our apartment & because it has a really open floor plan for the living/dining/office/kitchen, we can open up & enjoy a nice cross-breeze (when it's not 1000 degrees in Gainesville).

All-in-all I'm excited to move in (in June), relieved to have a place to live, & most of all thankful for my excellent partner-in-crime (Mom) who willingly chauffeured me around Gainesville & gave me her honest opinion about each place we walked in to.  Thanks, Mom!

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