Sunday, March 6, 2011

Colorado in Pictures: Denver

Last stop, Denver! I'm back in NC from Fla. & still blogging about Colorado. Can you say busy? I'll keep it brief because I have a suitcase that needs unpacking & laundry that's calling my name. 
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On Monday --our last day in Colorado-- we packed our bags & headed north to Denver. Tara & I were both flying out later that afternoon/evening & Liz thought a day in the big city would truly wrap up our whirlwind weekend out west. We enjoyed our President's Day by just walking around downtown & savoring our last few hours together.
Beautiful day in a beautiful city
Downtown Denver
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Our version of a"group shot"
Although these ladies are truly 2 of my best friends (we were missing our 4th link... Lyndsey, who was with us in spirit), we usually just get to catch up in short visits when we happen to be home at the same time in Vero Beach during the holidays or for weddings. It was such a treat to have a long weekend to reconnect, share our lives, enjoy a beautiful part of our country, & simply love on one another. It was good for my soul. Thanks, Liz & Tara!!!

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  1. So glad you had the time and opportunity to meet up with these lovely ladies!

    Missing you.


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