Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Little Bro!

Susan 00-jul
My favorite little brother, Mark, turns 23 today!!!!!

I find it hard to believe that our little Mark is all grown up. I've written before about how very proud I am of him; and even though he's probably technically a "man," he'll always be my loveable, annoying, handsome, talented, laid-back, little bro.

In honor of his big day, I figured I'd take you through a little trip down memory lane.... I'm not sure if Mark reads my blog, but after some of these photos, he may find a way to sabotage Simply Suz & take me off the web. Sorry, Bubs. Forgive me. I couldn't resist! Some of these are just too classic! (Plus, you & I know there's worse floating out there!)

Happy Birthday! We love you!
Suz & Matt

(On the left: My all-time favorite photo with Mark. Lake Tahoe circa 2000. When he was still smaller than me. That didn't last much longer.)

Susan 88-oct
What a cute & lucky little guy. 2 big sisters!
I think Mark's rethinking "lucky" & "big sisters" right here.
Susan 89-aug
He was a cutie-pie. (Still is).
Susan 91-june
Somebody has their rally cap on! Go Cubs!
Susan 97-oct
Best Halloween Costumes EVER.
Susan 00-ju
One of many wonderful family vacay memories.
College 04-jul
And just like that he was bigger than me!
College 06-wash
Way bigger. (I never caught up)
The kid cleans up nice.
But he also knows how to have a good time!
Mark Bball
Did I mention he's a baller?
mcl with hannah
He's also a really sweet Uncle.
Makes my heart melt.
Hannah loves her Uncle "Dude"
So glad we got to see you this month, Mark!
Wish we could be at home today celebrating with you! Hope you know how loved you are! Happy 23rd!


  1. aww...although I did notice an absence of a certain photograph of Mark and the neighbors when they were younger, haha

  2. I was scouring through my photos to see if I had a copy of that one & sadly I don't. Must be at my folk's or maybe Mark got a hold of it & burned it. HAHA! That photo is definitely one for the ages. Maybe it'll make an appearance another year if I can get my hot little hands on it. HILARIOUS!


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