Tuesday, January 25, 2011

(Virtual) Dress-up for Big Girls

I have a new obsession & I'm blaming it on the Pioneer Woman & Katie at Marriage Confessions. But seriously, ladies (& gents if you're into that kind of thing, but my hubs wasn't so much) you need to check out Polyvore.com. It. is. awesome.

In Ree's words: "Polyvore is a website where you can create your own sets of clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, artwork, furniture, & other adornments. Members of Polyvore then share the sets they create. But here’s the kicker: the items in the sets are all “clickable” & link to a retailer listing where you can buy the items on the set. For this reason, [it] can be a little hazardous to your pocketbook if you tend to like internet shopping. But mostly, Polyvore’s just fun."

In my words: Polyvore = virtual dress-up for big girls.

I had time to kill tonight while I listened intently to the State of the Union Address so I decided to play around with Polyvore for awhile. I swear the President had my undivided attention while I played fashionista. I'm an excellent multi-tasker. Ask Matt. In fact, I heard the Prez mention Facebook in his address; & I'd wager to say that Polyvore is as innovative & awesome for virtual shoppers. Okay. I'll be completely honest -- my ears did perk up when he mentioned tax reform, regulations & deficit reduction. Blame it on the day job.

So without further adieu, here are my Polyvore creations. I chose Tommy & Caroline's wedding as my "occasion" and got to work. Disclaimer: I have most of the items, or similar products, already so I didn't use Polyvore for it's internet-shopping-capabilities (shocker, I know, given my cheaptastic tendencies). Just for my entertainment & to give you a glimpse of what I plan to wear on their big day .... not that I expect anyone except maybe my sister to care.

Wedding Attire

[Purple dress purchased at half price with a gift card at Nordstrom at an end-of-summer sale. Originally $175 Italian, gold t-strap sandals (similar style to the pair on the left & leather similar to pair on the right) purchased at J.Crew warehouse sale for.....wait for it....$17!!!! Darling Kate Spade dangly earrings (similar color to the top pair & oval shaped like the bottom pair) received as a gift. Still on the hunt for cheap, chic gold bangles to complete the outfit.]

Rehearsal Dinner Attire

[Bright & cheerful Nanette Lepore silk dress, received as a generous gift from Matt's folks. It's a favorite, as evidenced by this & this. Strappy (with much smaller heel) bright yellow sandals purchased with a gift card from Macy's last spring. Vintage --- a.k.a. from my Mom's collection from the 70s --- turqouise earrings (that look surprisingly similar to the pair I found on Polycrome, just a slightly different shade)].

Have you given Polyvore a try? Happy dress-up, ladies! 

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