Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photo of the Week: What happens in Vegas...

If you were wondering why it was a little quiet here on Simply Suz the past week.... here's why:
Unedited photo of the Las Vegas Strip & Bellagio Fountains (View from my Bellagio hotel room)
That's right, folks! I visited Vegas for the very first time. Although LV has never been on my "must-see" list, (I generally drool over trips to national parks, not casinos) I had a great week (that's right, week) in Sin City. I behaved myself, as I was in town for work meetings & a conference, but I also managed to sneak away to snap some sweet photos. I will put a few up on the blog sometime this week, but I decided to give you a quick look with the winner above. My hotel room at the Bellagio looked over their famous fountains. I could even tune my TV to a station playing the music that the fountains were "dancing" to. I'm not gonna lie, part of me felt like I'd walked onto the set of Ocean's Eleven during my stay in Las Vegas (minus George Clooney & Matt Damon). After a fun but exhausting week, I'm happy to be home.


  1. Awesome. I almost went to Vegas this past week great would a 1/2 Crew D reunion have been?

  2. So great. Maybe we can arrange another 1/2 Crew D reunion one of these days. I'm sure I'll be back to Atlanta sometime soon...


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