Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kates!

(It's been a big birthday week in our family! Monday, my brother-in-law celebrated his birthday & today his beautiful bride turns 29! We also have triplet cousins who ring in their 19th birthday today! Lots of family to be thankful for!)
My gorgeous big sister, Katie. (June 2010)
I happen to have one of the best big sisters around. It's true. Ask anyone who knows sweet Katie (affectionately "Kates" to me). She epitomizes gentleness, kindness & innocence (sometimes her innocence crosses the line into naiveté, which gives brother Mark & me tons of material to get Katie going ... our favorite pasttime). Before being mom to Hannah, Katie taught kindergartners & before that, she had a stand-in role as a second mother to Mark & me. She has a soothing kindness & gentle spirit that is really rare.
Katie & her girl. (June 2010)
Sure we had our quarrels growing up. Would you expect less from two girls sharing a room & a wardrobe? Especially when one of those girls - yours truly - has a feisty streak & the other one - dear Katie - is known to be extremely persistent?!
Shortly after Hannah's arrival. (Late September or early October 2010)
Nevertheless, I wouldn't trade her for anything. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out. She has an amazing heart for the Lord & for other people. She is a phenomenal wife to Matt & mother to Hannah; and it is such a treat to see sweet, innocent Hannah walk in the footsteps of her mommy.
2010.12_ (92)
Hannah's first experience in snow.
Good thing momma was there. (December 2010)
Sweet Kates turns twenty-nine today. On days like today, I wish I could be home to celebrate with her, but I know my folks, Matt & Hannah are taking great care of Katie today. So dear sister, I love you (we love you) & hope you have a truly wonderful day, full of the ones you love. You deserve it. Love, Suz & Matt

P.S. Remember when I mentioned Monday that our hubby's share the same name? Here's a little "photo shoot" (taken before our wedding) of the two sisters & their Matt's by our photographer, who just happens to be one Katie's best friends. Speaking of our wedding, here's a blog post by our photog featuring some shots from our wedding. And if you like her work, here's her new & improved website!

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