Thursday, January 27, 2011

Photo of the Week: From the Fall Archives

I found this winner while I was transferring photos from my hard drive to Smugmug. I was on a cupcake kick for awhile & Matt snapped a series of photos one fall afternoon while I made yummy caramel apple cupcakes (which actually tasted more like muffins...but they were still delicious).
Look at that yummy caramel. Please. Take me back to fall.
This is proof that I'm not always the one behind the camera! And proof that Matt knows what he's doing!
We actually made way too much caramel, but we managed to find another use for it.
Want the recipe for caramel apple cupcakes? You can find it here, although I'd strongly recommend trying the sour cream raspberry cupcakes first. Divine.


  1. oh gosh. this makes me miss fall, and makes me miss you. i hope one day we can live in the same place - or at least on the same side of the country.

  2. yum. i made those cupcakes too! but my caramel didn't look as tasty as yours does in those pictures!
    and i agree that the sour cream raspberry ones ROCKED. i'm going to need to make those again soon!


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