Saturday, January 22, 2011

Las Vegas: In Photos

Warning: These photos may spontaneously disappear in 2 weeks. I just signed up for a 2 week trial of Smugmug & started moving my photos from my hard drive to the internet (don't worry, I also backed them up on my external). If I decide I don't like Smugmug in 2 weeks, these photo will probably vanish. Consider yourself warned & enjoy 'em while they last! All of these photos are SOOC (straight out of the camera)! (Sorry, I don't have time nor the patience to edit right now!)  
If you want to see more, click here to view the entire gallery.

I'm most excited about these shots: the Chinese New Year display in the Bellagio. The colors were phenomenal.

Speaking of the Bellagio, here she is in all her glory.

Did I mention the view out of my room was phenomenal?

Fortunately for you, unfortunately for me, I was up with the sunrise every morning for work.

I did venture outside the walls of Bellagio to see some other hotels. First stop: Aria.

Next: the Monte Carlo.

Guess where I went next? (Hint.. NY NY!)

My last stop was by far my favorite: Paris.

I think the ceiling is what "made" Paris for me. I'm not a big casino fan as they are dark, noisy & smoky, but Paris had an airy feel to it (go figure):

I also saw Caesar's, MGM, & the Cosmopolitan, but I didn't have my camera with me on those stops. Next time in Vegas, I'm going to put the Venetian and the Wynn on my list! Here a few final looks at Vegas from my self-guided walking tour:

I thought it'd only be appropriate to end with a "big finish" a la the Bellagio fountains!

There you have it. My Vegas photo journal. Want to see more? Click here for the full album!


  1. This photos are amazing! I'm so jealous of you and/or your camera. I can't believe you fit all of these shots in with whatever you were actually there to do. :)

  2. thanks, emily.... i had a couple hours on my last day there to myself so instead of napping (which was tempting) i hit the strip & played tourist! :)

  3. I vote that at some point we (YL blog ladies) go to Vegas together! Maybe for the Big 3-0??
    Beautiful work my friend!

  4. We should definitely do SOMETHING for our big 3-0... but let's not wait until then to have a mini reunion! I'm getting together with some Vero gals this Feb & I would love to do the same with you ladies sometime in the next year! Miss you!!!

  5. Susan - beautiful photos. I've never had the urge to visit Las Vegas, but you make it appealing!

    So, skiing! Yes, you two should do it. Beech is our favorite, but Sugar has it's benefits, too. Sugar has tougher slopes, but Beech has more variety. Beech is enjoyable because it's tough enough to feel like you're working, and at the same time it has more runs than Sugar.

    From the direction most people come from, you hit Sugar first & then wiggle down some hairpin turns to get to Beech, so it's further; however, it's generally a few dollars cheaper.

    Either way you'll love it - and there is such a good snow base this year. Have fun!!

  6. lara... you could skip vegas (in my opinion). it was interesting, but i definitely wouldn't put on my "must-see" lists. had to go for work so i decided to make the best of it & see the sights (since i don't gamble).

    thanks for the ski recommendations. i think we're going to head to beech. :)


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