Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This is what a great week looks like.

Did I mention I had a great birthday week? (That's right. As my friend Mel pointed out, "yes, I think you should claim the whole week." ...  I concur, especially when your hubby isn't present for the actual birthday). It's been awesome. Lots of hanging out with my main man, Matt, and also with some sweet friends.     

Here's a run down in photos of the past few days....
While Matt interviewed at UNC Saturday morning, my weekend kicked off bright & early at Habitat Women's Build in Durham. That's right, a house built almost entirely by women for a sweet local lady (& also member of our church!) & her daughters. There were "a few good men" on the worksite, but mostly it was just the gals. I have done Habitat / Group Workcamps several times before, & I must say I loved working on a house with just women. Fewer egos. More questions. More "can I give you a hand?" We loved it & are already planning on helping out another weekend this fall!

(Not photoed: Nicole, hammerer-extraordinaire who had to leave early. Have to give her credit for her mad-hammering skills).

Psst.... click on any of these photos collages to enlarge! Shoot. I lied. Anyone know why blogger won't let us open up our photos in a new window. What gives?!?
On Sunday, Matt & I headed north to Hillsborough to the Occoneechee Mountain State Natural Area. We're trying to hit all the hiking spots close by & so we decided that the highest point in Orange County would be a good stop (don't be impressed, it's definitely not hardcore). It was a pretty day, and we had fun goofing around as evidenced below. Give it a week or 2 & this area is going to be bursting with color! After our hike, we stopped at an antique shop to browse (Matt gave in for my bday) & then enjoyed some yummy ice cream on the porch at Maple View Farm.
When we got home, Matt whipped me up a yummy birthday dinner (ribeye, PW's cheesy spicy grits, and salad) and we enjoyed the delicious cake he'd baked for me earlier in the day. He also prepared Monday night's dinner (manicotti!) so that we could take it easy after work Monday. I love it when he gets domestic.
On Tuesday (my actual birthday), I dropped Matt off at the airport (for yet another interview - can you say awesome dental school candidate?!) and then came home to put the finishing touches on these yummy raspberry cupcakes for my small group ladies. (Click here for some other great cupcake recipes!) My friend Kendra also celebrated her 26th this week, so we had a joint little birthday party. I love these girls and felt so blessed to get to spend so much quality time with them.
All in all, it was a great week (so far). I'm off again to head to the airport! My hubby is home! Goodnight!!!


  1. :) your cupcakes look so great! i want to make them again now!

  2. well thanks for the recipe! hope you didn't mind me linking to your blog. :)

  3. That cupcake spread could be in a magazine. Both the food and the colors look awesome!

  4. thanks, emily! they were super yummy, too (that trumps "pretty" in my book!)

  5. SUZ! Talk to me about those beautiful fall pictures hanging in your kitchen! Are they in a frame or on a canvas? I love EVERYTHING about them! I also love your photo collages and how wonderfully they visual show what you're talking about :) and those cupcakes look pretty gourmet! Love it!

  6. KARI! they're shots i took in oak park 3 falls ago with my point & shoot camera! i've been itching to switch a few of them out now that i have a better camera & better skills!

    they're just in clear glass frames. it's kind of my rotating gallery. change it with the seasons. sometimes i blow up a picture & crop it into 6 parts for one big photo...

    i also have about 25 5x7 photos that create a pseudo "headboard" above our guest room bed. as you can tell with my crazy collages, i can't just settle on one photo! what can i say, i bore easily!

    (p.s. the cupcake recipe came from none other than brittany m. love me some summerstaff girls!)


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