Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finally... the 4th!

It's already the 14th... so I figure I'd better get going on posting some fun photos from our 4th in Winston-Salem.

We had a wonderful weekend with Carson, Nicole, Liam & Wrigley.  We did a lot of hanging out & allowing Liam to entertain us, but we also managed to squeeze in a nice, long run around Salem Lake, a relaxing walk through beautiful Reynolda Gardens, hiking at Pilot Mountain, hot-tubbing with some fun friends of the Felkels & even some fireworks. We had a little hiccup on the way to the fireworks - a car accident in front of us - & Dr. Carson was kind enough to pull over to make sure everyone was okay (what a guy!). Thankfully, no one needed medical attention, but our little pitstop meant we ended up watching the fireworks on the side of the road. They were still fantastic! & Liam loved them!

During our visit, Nicole asked me if I ever felt pressured to post on the blog. I said 'no' - that it was just a fun little hobby, & I post as I feel like it. Nicole, I take that back. For the past week, I've felt extremely pressured to post because some of the photos of your little dude are so darling, I feel like I'm withholding cuteness by not sharing them with you! So without further adieu, here is our Independence Day celebration in photos (be prepared - there are a ton! If you click on the collages, they'll open in a new, bigger window, where you should be able to zoom in)....

Reynolda Gardens
Pilot Mountain
 At Home with Liam

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