Thursday, October 7, 2010

Photos of the Week: Fall Faves From the Archives

These are 3 of my all-time favorite fall photos. They make me nostalgic & wish that I was in Illinois this fall (although North Carolina is not too shabby). All 3 were shot 3 years ago with my old digital Minolta point & shoot. Proof that you don't need a fancy-schmancy camera to take pictures that you'll love!
  1. I took the first one at the park across the street from our building in Oak Park. I'm thinking of transforming it into my new blog header. Thoughts?
  2. Matt took the second on another autumn day. We went to a Corn Maze in northern Illinois with friends from our church (Holler 2x2!).
  3. #3 is not that photographically exciting but it brings warm memories of our old home. We lived in a charming, ivy covered courtyard building (complete with a fountain stocked with fish). I loved living in Fountainhead, especially in the fall when the ivy on our windows changed colors.
Have I mentioned I love fall?

Oak Park, IL. Fall 2007.
Corn Maze with 2x2. Somewhere in Northern IL. Fall 2007.
Fountainhead in the Fall. Oak Park, IL. Fall 2007.

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