Thursday, October 21, 2010

4 years ago yesterday...

...Matt asked me to marry him. So glad I said yes...
Buckingham Fountain. Chicago. October 20, 2006.

I don't think I would have guessed that four years later we'd be living in North Carolina, he'd be interviewing for dental school & I'd be sitting here writing a blog about it, but I'm so thankful I get to walk alongside him every day.
"The Bean" at Millennium Park. Chicago. October 20, 2006.
Love you, Matt. Thanks for loving me back.
Art Institute of Chicago. October 20, 2006.


  1. oh, i do love engagementiversaries. so so so wonderful. :)

  2. What a good day! Here is my memory of the day:

    Suz and Matt are coming back from Chicago. Courtney and Jenny are at Abby's house with Liz (visiting?). Suz calls and says she stopped by home and is coming over, sounds like she needs to talk to us about something. Courtney and Jenny realize that they had left the heat a little high for Suz's liking. They start to panic thinking Suz is pissed and coming over to be mad at us. They start to really panic, what will they say for their forgetfulness? Suz and Matt walk into Abby's Park Street house and say they had a god time in Chicago, Jenny and Courtney brace themselves for the conversation about being silly and wasting energy/money (which they deserved and were in fact doing). Suz then says "WE'RE ENGAGED!! WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!!". We rejoice, hug, cry, and hug again.

    What a beautiful day for two beautiful people. I miss you both and are grateful for your wonderful friendships.

  3. you make me sound like such a witch! LOL! that was absolutely THE coldest apartment on the planet with absolutely THE highest heating bill. probably because we were paying for the entire building.... grrr!! can you tell i still have beef with ameren energy? & for the record, i would not have stormed over to abby's house to give it to ya!

    but seriously.... your expressions were PRICELESS. it was so fun to have liz there and to be giggly/excited all together! i miss you ladies!!!

  4. Man, it is almost worth leaving the state to escape Ameren!

    No witchiness from you, we all had to be in charge of something :)

    What a good day!


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