Saturday, October 9, 2010

blog break.

this was a marathon week, friends. in the past 8 days, matt & i each returned from out-of-state trips. we've hosted overnight guests, sold our car (yep, the dead one - we listed & sold it within a 20 hour period), ran almost everyday outside (can't pass up this beautiful fall weather), cooked/baked a ton, spent time with friends at birthday celebrations, dinner & small group.... all on top of our usual go to work, do chores, etc... schedule.

somehow, amidst the crazy, i managed to squeeze in 6 blog posts! - well, technically 7 if you count this one. what?!? that's a new record for me. so i'm taking a break. i don't have the kind of stamina/time required to blog everyday. hence, i need the weekend (& maybe next whole week?...we'll see) to catch up.

we were initially planning on going to the mountains this weekend to camp & hike, but matt still has to finish up an application for an interview next week, i need to scrub the floors & start working on a couple new blurb books (alaska & yr 1 in carolina...) & we both need to catch up on all of the sleep we've deprived ourselves. so this weekend is about being homebodies. hopefully we'll have time to be both productive & squeeze in some relaxation (& college football!). thankfully, the mountains aren't going anywhere, so we'll hit them up later this fall.

have a restful weekend... see you back here when i'm all caught up!
{You can find us on the couch this weekend}

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