Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Chicago Christmas

We spent Christmas in the Windy City. Well, technically in the western burbs, but we did make a trip one evening down to the city. It was our fourth Christmas as a married couple & our first one spent in Chicago. Woops. Thankfully, my in-laws forgive me for schlepping Matt to Florida every Christmas prior. They're pretty great.

Not only was it our first Christmas together in Chicago, but it was also my first White Christmas! I actually may have enjoyed a snowy Christmas in the winter of 1984 while living in Champaign, but my memory doesn't extend back to those infant years. Nevertheless, it was beautiful & peaceful & wonderful to share such a special holiday with Mom, Dad & Tommy Mac (& Grandpa, Margot, aunts/uncles & cousins!)

We spent a lot of quality time with the McA family, enjoyed Momma Mac's yummy cooking, had lots of good conversation, celebrated Christmas with 3 different families (the "Butt sisters" - Heidi's high school friends, Grandpa & Margot, and the McAndrew uncles, aunts & cousins), & of course, exchanged presents. Somehow, even as adult "kids" we always are on the better end of that exchange! Someday when we're no longer poor young professionals/student, we'll return their generosity.

Despite our short trip (Thursday to Tuesday), we even squeezed in a day trip to Moline to visit my grandma & extended family and had some of our U of I friends over for breakfast one morning. We officially wore ourselves out. Truth be told, I was worn out before most of the festivities began, due to my unexpectedly busy December & was a tad bit under the weather Christmas Day, but bounced back in no time!

Without further adieu, here is our trip in photos (my favorite way to share our travels, if you haven't already noticed).
Family time. My favorite. Pictured: Mom, Dad, Tommy, Grandpa Bud, Margot, & us.
I am obsessed with Christmas bokeh. Blame it on my love for twinkle lights.
The McAs were all decked out for Christmas! Check out those beautiful snow-covered lights. Well done, Dad!
Almost midnight Christmas Eve at the church across the street from the McAs. We could hear the choir singing as I snapped away.
Front moving through en route to Moline. Snow covered plains. (All photos taken out of the window of a moving vehicle.)
Naturally, I forgot to take any photos of our time with our Moline family & with our college friends. Oh well.
Downtown Chicago all decked out for Christmas.
Heading back home from the train through downtown Glen Ellyn. A charming village.

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