Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mountain Man.

As I mentioned in my last post, we were fortunate enough to get to go up to the mountains this Memorial Day weekend, thanks to our great friends, Carson & Nicole, & Cars' folks, Barbara & Bill. We've been up to their family home in the Blue Ridge Mountains a couple of times before, but it's always been in the winter months so it was quite a treat to get to enjoy some spring weather & mountain color.
Also, this trip was especially fun because there's a new addition to the Felkel fam. Carson & Nicole welcomed baby Liam about 3.5 months ago. Liam was quite the trooper this weekend, tagging along for all of our adventures.
(I don't know why the photos above are fuzzy. If you click on them, they clear up. What gives, Blogger?)
Liam even had a big, poopy blow-out while we were hiking Mt. Mitchell & unfortunately his spare outfit was in the car. No sweat for Mom & Dad (& Aunt Suz who lent a hand). We just gave him a quick diaper change on the top of the mountain, and threw on Dad's t-shirt (hence - Carson's shirtless fashion statement above) & he was good to go. Liam didn't seem too concerned... Isn't he just the cutest mountain man you've ever laid your eyes on?
We are so excited to have Liam (& Cars + Nollie, of course)... just 2 hours away from us! They are moving to Winston-Salem in one week! Yipppee!!!
Hugs & kisses to my favorite little mountain man... & congrats to his daddy who graduates from Loyola Medical School this Sunday! Well done, Dr. Felkel! We are so thankful Med School led y'all to Chicago & into our lives!
"Aunt're embarrassing me!" - Liam

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  1. That sounds like such great fun! I love hiking :D
    And the baby is so cute!! I've always loved the name Liam, so medieval and very versatile.



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