Sunday, March 14, 2010


We had a baby.......................
No, not that kind (don't get ahead of yourself, friends)!!!
We prefer baby steps (plant, pet then person) This kind:
He's a cute little guy:
The Felkels gave us one of their spider babies about two years ago.
& it grew into a healthy big spider plant that Matt & I have managed
to keep alive and even transport states away to a new home in N.C.

We've had these babies before & we've always managed to kill them.
I blame it on the Internet. Strangers gave me bad advice. Is there any-
one reading this with a green thumb? How can we keep this little guy
alive? I'm afraid to cut 'em off life support. What should we do!?!?!?

(I just showed Matt this post & he scolded me. Told me I shouldn't
cry wolf. Forgive me, but I had to get your attention somehow!)

1 comment:

  1. you can just let him dangle and do nothing aside from taking care of his/her mother as you are already amazingly doing. OR cut him off at the end of the umbilical cord near the babies belly button snd put his bottom in a cup of water making sure his whole top isn't submerged- keep it slways full with water and he'll sprout roots. if it dries out it's not a big deal, i'll forget to fill up my water babies for weeks.

    i usually let them hang on to mom until they fall off naturally (i.e. me or wrigs accidentally breaking them off) then putting them in water (which they can grow in just water for forever)

    congrats on "the baby" - crossing my fingers for the next few baby steps...puppy!?!

    p.s. awesome photos!!!!!


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