Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The presents

 T minus 70 minutes to Matt's 25th Birthday! And we're staying up late tonight, kids. Because when the clock strikes midnight, we are celebrating. You see, Matt & I have different philosophies about present opening. He prefers to open them as they arrive. Can't handle letting them sit there, staring at him. I on the other hand, like the anticipation. Makes the birthday a little more fun. This year, Matt decided to wait it out. It's killing him. I can't say he totally resisted the temptation; he did open one present, some sweet Carolina blue shades. Well, the wait is almost over, at midnight, Matt is officially 25 years old! If you're reading this today (March 18th), please send the hubs some birthday wishes. I love him tons & think he's pretty fantastic. (Oh & today is Baby Liam's 1 month birthday! We wanted to send him some love, too!)

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