Monday, July 18, 2011

A Maternity Photoshoot for Lori

Remember my lovely friend, Lori? Well she is darn-near-ready to have her baby boy, so I figured it's about time to share her maternity photos that I shot ....oh....over 2 months ago. Oops. (You may remember seeing a few photos that Lori snapped for Matt & I during this shoot here & here.)
Early on in her pregnancy, Lori asked if I'd be willing to take some preggo-pictures for her & of course I said yes! Unfortunately, we put it off until our last weekend in NC (before back-to-back weddings & our big move) & the weather threatened to ruin our shoot. Thankfully, right before we were about to call it off, the rain clouds cleared up and we were blessed with a beautiful night & beautiful light.
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We took most of these photos in Carpenter, NC... just a hop, skip & a jump away from Lori & Dave's home in Morrisville. Carpenter was an absolutely darling spot for our little photoshoot...and there is no denying that Lori is a natural in front of the camera. She was absolutely glowing. (Can't forget the dad-to-be. Dave - you're looking good, too!)
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I had a hard time picking out a handful to share on the blog, so instead, I've embedded a little slide show with my favorites. Consider yourself warned: it's a bit long (2 full songs), but in all fairness, I pared it down from 500+ photos! If you'd rather browse through my faves instead of watching the video, you can just check out my Smugmug album here. I even managed to hand over the camera over to Matt & sneak in a few photos with my dear friend! If you are a prayerful person, please lift up Lori & Dave as they get ready for the arrival of their first little one! He'll be here very soon!

(Psstt...If you expand the video to watch it full-screen, just make sure to click the little button that reads "SCALING IS ON" so that the photos aren't crazy grainy when they blow up to full screen. If the Vimeo player says "SCALING IS OFF" you are a-o-k.) 

P.S. Due to some last minute travel-changes, looks like I'm going to get to meet Lori & Dave's baby boy next month! I am oh-so-excited as I was bummed to move right before his arrival. (Sound familiar? I moved right after my Chicago-BFF told me she was pregnant! Our timing is terribly off...) Can't wait to meet the little guy & see our good friends again so soon!
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P.P.S. I'm in love with the fact that the tomato plant behind Lori in this photo is called "Better Boy!" I actually didn't notice it until today despite looking at these photos a gazillion times. What a happy coincidence for this soon-to-be-momma of a little boy! I sure hope he is a good little boy... with parents like Lori & Dave, it's almost guaranteed!
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