Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Musings: A List About Blogging

  1. Do you like the new header? I'm excited about it! Hopefully, I'll do a better job at rotating that with the seasons. Given that it's been autumn for, what...2 months?... I wouldn't hold your breath on a winter header anytime soon!
  2. I love blogging. Although I'm very very Type A, I do have a creative side (I do! I do!) & blogging has been a great opportunity for me to get those creative juices going & write outside of work. Simply Suz has challenged me to work on my photo skills & has given me a forum to share some of our adventures. Even though I'm not consistent in my blogging, this isn't going to disappear anytime soon.
  3. I've dropped the ball on Life for Less. Part of my impetus in starting this blog was sharing some of some personal finance tips for 20-somethings, but Simply Suz has become more of a photo blog! Sorry! Since it's benefits enrollment season, I've started a post on high deductible health insurance, however, I keep getting sidetracked & I haven't had a chance to spend any brain power on that one. It's coming one of these days...
  4. I have officially run out of space for my photos so I'm investigating other options (probably going to bite the bullet & buy a Flickr "Pro" account) so I can keep sharing my favorite hobby with you. Plus I just had my first real "gig" taking photos for a sweet friend of mine. More details on that later this week. That is if I can make a decision on where to house my photos in cyberland so that I can share them with you!
  5. Lastly, has anyone else noticed the Christmas commercials vamping up? This would usually annoy me, but I'm trying not to be in denial & I've already started my Christmas cards & shopping (what?!?), plus I'm trying to finish a book chronicling our Alaska trip this week, which takes precedence over blogging.
  6. Did you care about any of that? Probably not. If you made it to #6, thanks for reading :)


  1. I made it to #6, love it! I am really interested in your high deductible health care tips. We are researching options. Keep blogging - I totally understand about the Type A/creative outlet thing!!

  2. I'll do my best, Amy! :)

    [In case I don't get to it fast enough. Here's my recommendation:

    If you are young & in good health, there is no reason to OVER insure. For this stage of life, I am a big fan of high deductible plans, paired with HSAs. Your premiums are lower & even though you have a higher deductible, you can put your premium "savings" in an HSA to cover the unexpected.

    All of these plans have out-of-pocket maximums, so although there is the chance that you could have biger out-of-pocket medical bills than under a traditional PPO plan (if something catastrophic happened), you won't be on the hook for more than that max. Also, co-insurance will kick in once you've reached your deductible & are working towards that out-of-pocket max.

    I think that the higher deductible scares some folks away ("you mean I'll have to pay for my prescription or dr.'s apt instead of just paying a $10 or $20 copay?!?"), but if you do the math & consider your premium savings & what your typical medical bills are, it turns out to be a no-brainer. At least it has for us...

    Under both the high deductible plans we've had, preventative care has been 100% covered, which is essentially all we go to the dr. for.

    Also, for the past 4 years, my employers have contributed to my HSA which means it's possible to build up a nice little safety net overtime with the help of your employer! Our HSA balance is close to our out-of-pocket max at this point.]

    Okay...that definitely just touched the surface. I'll write something, promise!

  3. Also...HSAs differ from FSAs in that they are portable (when I left my old job, I took my HSA with me), and they roll over from year to year...

    Okay okay...I should just write the full post!


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