Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mountain Dews, baby.

The Olympics are a big deal in our household.

14 years ago I went to the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games with my fam & 8 years ago Matt went to the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games with his fam, so we're all about the Olympics. Summer/winter, we don't discriminate. I've been glued to the TV every night, staying up way too late watching all sorts of different events. Matt's been a little preoccupied studying for the DAT (which he takes this Saturday ... say a prayer for him!), but he manages to tear himself away from the books every once in awhile to catch the highlights.

Speaking of which, tonight is a big night in my hubby's opinion... Why? Because tonight, folks, we get to watch the half pipe finals & cheer on none other than the crazy red-head, Shaun White (we just watched him pull some sweet tricks in his qualifying run...double cork anyone?).

Also, Matt has a man crush on Shaun White. It's okay, I've forgiven him... all in the in the name of the Olympic spirit. Go USA!

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