Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photo of the Week: McKinley

Mt. McKinley at Reflection Pond - Monday, August 2nd, Approximately 11pm
I know that I promised an Alaska recap this past weekend, but approximately 20 loads of laundry stood between me & blogging (okay, I exaggerate - it was more like 10). Friends, the laundry won.

This afternoon I leave for Boston for the rest of the work week, but before I disappear from my blog, yet again... I figured I'd share a quick snapshot from our adventures in Alaska.

Our first night in Denali National park (Monday, August 2nd), after a 6 hour bus trip to the Wonder Lake campground, Mount McKinley decided to peak through the clouds. And then the peak became a full blown clear night at about 10pm & the campers went wild! 

According to the ranger at Wonder Lake, this was the clearest & best night of the summer (it rained nearly every day in July). Matt & I made friends with a few Swiss hikers and they lead us to the Reflection Pond, about 3 miles from our campsite, and we got THIS view of the mountain. Thank you, friends!
Mt. McKinley at Sunset a.k.a. McAndrew Christmas Card 2010
The photo above was taken somewhere between 11-11:30pm. The sun was setting and the faint pink band that you see is the alpenglow. Short of the northern lights, seeing the mountain like this is about the most amazing sight in Alaska (in my humble opinion). Our first day in Alaska was a success... 

After taking a ton of photos, we hiked  back to our tent and went to bed. It was still light. At midnight. Welcome to Alaska!

More to come after I get back from Boston.... stay tuned!


  1. Breathtaking! I'm sure that by camping in Alaska you had way more time and saw many more beautiful things! What an awesome trip!!!

  2. shit this is awesome. I'm making it my iphone wallpaper ( the one of you two of course) !!! so happy!

  3. That is such an awesome picture!

  4. Thanks, girlies! Expect a copy of it in your mailboxes with a Christmas card this December :)


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