Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome to simply suz.

I’m Susan: a 20something CPA, young married lady, outdoor enthusiast, doting aunt, and now…a blogger! I’ve been obsessively following blogs for about a year now & have loved catching up on the adventures of friends & the occasional stranger(s).
This blog is all about the things in my life that I love:
  • Matt: My husband has been putting up with me for 2.5 3+ years (legally) but about 6 7 years (by choice). Bless his heart.
  • Budgeting: My dream job is teaching financial literacy to 20somethings, so I plan to use this blog to holler at that segment of my readership (ha!) a bit. Click on “Life for Less” to read my personal finance musings!
  • Organizing: My closet is color coded. Our DVDs alphabetized. Our filing system - impeccable. I just can’t help myself.
  • Cooking: We love to eat, but we’re too cheap to eat out, so we embark on lots of adventures in our teeny kitchen. I may share an occasional recipe.
  • The Great Outdoors: We love to travel, but we’re too cheap (sensing a theme here?) to splurge on lavish luxuries like hotel rooms, so we camp…and hike…and love it.
  • Life in General: In addition to all of the wonderful things listed above, I love: Jesus, my baby niece, college sports, photography (mostly other people's...but I'm trying to learn), good books, our new life in North Carolina & of course our family & friends. Get ready to hear about all of the above.
    Excited as I am? Read on :)

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